Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looks like the iPhone on Verizon is Finally a Reality...

It appears Apple and Verizon are finally geared up & ready to play nicely with one another in early 2011 (as confirmed by Fortune magazine). AT&T's death-grip on the exclusivity of the iPhone has long been rumored to be dead in the water, but Apple, AT&T & Verizon have been much more willing to talk about the issue in recent weeks & it appears officially no longer a pipe-dream.

Personally, this iPhone user is ecstatic that Verizon will be joining the game. But not for the reasons that most iPhone owners are. I've always preferred Verizon phones for the simple fact that they were for many years the only carrier's whose cell phones worked underground in subway tunnels and such. Though other companies now offer a similar convenience, Verizon still maintains the most reliability in that regard. Probably a pretty trivial reason to prefer one carrier over another, but hey - we live in a trivial world, lol.

But I think most iPhone owners will probably tell you that they're looking forward to the increased call quality & network that Verizon will offer. Many current iPhone owners have often dogged AT&T's network and customer service during the years since they gained initial rights & exclusivity of the device, but honestly I've never encountered much of an issue, if any with AT&T. I've always thought any of the big 3 or 4 major carriers was about the same, so while AT&T may not be the best - they certainly aren't the worst either.

I'll admit; however, that I'm not a huge talker on the phone, so the calling aspect of any smartphone I own is probably the least used feature, so it's very possible that I'm not so picky about call quality for that reason - all I know is that it makes and receives calls whenever I need it to. I'm a huge user of data so as log as I getting a 3G data signal (at minimum), I'm happy!

In general, I get rather close to obtaining the maximum potential from my iPhone as I use it ALOT for everything from emailing, texting, my iTunes music library, & banking to social networking, watching video, film/photography, news/weather, shopping & much, much more! So the future development of this phone (& corresponding carriers) remain only radar.

I can recall some point in early 2008, when I got my 1st iPhone. After losing my 3rd iPod, I said fuck it, switched carriers & made the iPhone thing happen - best move I could've made & I'm STILL pissed that I didn't get on-board back in 2007 when iPhones debuted. It's been the most practical & user-friendly device I've ever owned.

I actually still have my old Verizon account active & in good standing, so I'm sure to make switch shortly after we're given the green-light. Perhaps Verizon finally being in the mix is what the rest of you guys (who refuse to admit the superiority of the iPhone) need to finally jump on-board and see what you've been missing. Or maybe not, either way, you'll definitely see more iPhones - whether you like em or not, lol. All I need now is my Apple desktop computer & I'll be all set!

With that being said, I own stock in Apple, AT&T and Verizon - so I'm also excited from a financial standpoint & really couldn't care less about which carrier has the most success with iPhone sales. Clearly, the additional iPhone sales for Verizon are sure to give any Apple & Verizon stock a boost, so I'm looking forward to the upswing that's sure to take place within my portfolio when it all goes down.

As you can see, I could go on & on about the iPhone, but it's midnight & I've gotta go pick-up the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game - I'm such a child - why can't I just wait until I get off of work tomorrow? Lol...

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