Friday, November 5, 2010


I think, I'll be taking a break from my most frequently used social networking websites for a while (i.e. - Twitter and Facebook). I guess this is just a part of my normal cycling on & off schedule, yet for some reason I feel as though this particular break may last a bit longer than usual.

Quite frankly, Facebook has long been a bore to me, with hoards & hoards of “friends” posting pics, meaningless status updates so on & so fourth all in an attempt to show-off, brag, inform – or whatever people chose to call it, and quite honestly, I don’t give a shit about 95% of the things I see there. So taking a step back from it, really won’t be much of a problem at all since I’m not on there much anyway.

Twitter, on the other hand, is my 1st love in terms of networking is concerned, but that too has begun to bore me just a tad. It seems as though lately, folks just enjoy the act of posting shit for others to read, but they haven’t been very active in terms of reacting or commenting on the various tweets that come up in their respective timelines, so I’ll chill out on that for a while as well.

Generally, from time to time I like to avoid networking sites to re-focus on my real life obligations & responsibilities like friends, family & work, but during this hiatus I'll also be using the time to create more content for this blog. So hopefully anyone who's interested in what's going on my life will stop by & check out whatever is here.

Or maybe not (judging by the amount of comments I've rec'd on this blog since it's inception back in July, lol). In either instance, I do this for me, so expect to see some fresh material & possibly a newly revamped layout in the coming days/weeks since I'll have the additional time to devote to it. Be well peeps!

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