Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Psychic, I am NOT...

It never ceases to amaze me just how much talking is done about open lines of communication (in regard to interpersonal relationships with folk), yet we still tend to expect people to somehow be clairvoyants in the end. If you take a moment to step back & analyze it from afar, it’s usually pretty cut & dry type of thing: either you open your mouth to voice your opinion on a certain topic, or carry it to your grave, minus the bitching & groaning after you realize that you should have spoken on it at the time. It's just not fair to the other person at that point.

That’s my take on it anyway. Maybe there should be an unwritten (or written, lol) rule somewhere that stipulates forfeiture of all future complaints, viewpoints & out-right whining beyond the “open-comment period,” lol. It always bugs me when people let negative emotion build-up, especially when you’re begging for their input in the 1st place. Then out of no where, they spring it on you down the road as if it’s been an issue they’ve openly expressed all along.

We’ve got to start doing better than this people. I think the difficulty of feeding a closed mouth has been well documented over the years. It may be time for us all to walk the walk & be more honest & upfront with one another. Granted we all have our faults & things we’d perhaps change about our unique personalities if given the chance, but since that’s not gonna happen, let’s seriously give this honesty thing a try & live life in a more proactive manner across the board.

Excuse this overly used cliché but let’s ‘be real’ here. No significant other, friend, parent, co-worker or stranger has much chance of knowing what’s on your mind at any given moment, so why not make like a little easier on entire world & just say what’s on your mind while it’s still a relevant topic of discussion.

Most times when people take issue with any normal day-to-day routine or business that directly impacts their lively-hood or well being, the time is taken to correct the issue right then & there. So why do treat our day-to-day relations with actual people any differently? Your honest thoughts have little to no value once there’s nothing that can be done about it, so step up & take the lead in your success story and stop waiting for someone else to write the script.

In a perfect world, I’d love to help as many people as I can. But I can’t, so I chose to 1st help the most important person to me – myself. If that calls for being honest in the expression of my feelings (& taking on the bad guy role) regarding any given subject, it’s my responsibility to myself to do just that. It’s rather liberating (even in ultimate failure) to know that you gave your all, but when you know there are things you left on the table that might have changed things… well, I’m sure you get the drift.

I’d expect the same from you – otherwise, how can the issue ever get resolved? I’m very receptive to people who take the time indicate their desires – besides, what have you really got to lose in end? The worst thing any person can say to you is ‘no,’ at last check, not many people die from that. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to 1st be honest with yourself & me, in-turn… guess you can pretty much miss me with that bullshit, lol. Ok end-rant    the “open-comment period” for this post begins now, lmao…

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