Monday, November 15, 2010

Jay-Z.... (still encoded for now)

I was all primed & ready to order the new Jay-Z book, "Decoded" tomorrow but was fairly disappointed to find that while the Hardcover version of the book comes available tomorrow, I won't be able to download the e-book via Amazon's Kindle app for another 3 weeks on Dec. 7th.

Upon reading my 1st e-book, I decided I could never go back to hauling around an actual book ever again. I absolutely love the way the Kindle apps on my iPhone and iPad both sync with one another so that regardless of which device I choose to read from, my most recent stopping point & notes are saved (& synced over-the-air) in both apps.

I've also read e-books via the Kobo app as well the iBook reader designed specifically for Apple devices. After trying each at some point, the Kindle app remains my favorite e-book interface to navigate.

But I guess it's just as well that the e-book won't come out til December since I won't even have finished the Bush book by then - but still, I really wanted it on-deck in the archive.

I'm finding that I've been far more willing to read since the increased popularity & sales of e-book downloads for Kindles, iPads & other similar devices. Initially (though fully aware of the technology), I ignored the concept realizing that only the most popular titles were offered as e-books.

It appears the trend has finally begun to swing in the opposite direction as many more titles are available for immediate download the same day that their hard copy counterparts are. So it seems (at least until the next generation of reading technology comes along) e-books are here to stay. If you 've never before read from a e-book reader of some sort, give it a spin. Who knows? You just might re-discover the world of literature just like I did...

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