Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to School?

Well... maybe. I'm considering enrolling in a program that will allow me to earn some sort of an IT degree. I was thinking something along the lines of a Master of Information Technology degree (with a special emphasis placed on homeland security management).

I swore years back, when I got my undergraduate degree from Howard, that I was done with school & always ran (full-speed) in the opposite direction whenever anything of the scholastic nature was proposed. But now I'm having second thoughts about that.

It's not that I feel I've hit some sort of glass ceiling or anything with regard to my current career as a policy writer, I'm just a little bored with what I do & quite tired of the bureaucratic red tape that slows the progress of many assigned duties. I guess I need something more interesting to bicker with appointed officials about, lol.

My background in both civil service & law enforcement appears to fall in line with the programs I've checked out thus far, so this is definitely the general area I want to focus on at this point. I'm interested in Mobile Telecommunications as well, but my experience in that arena is more hobby/investment related, so I'm hardly classically trained outside of the standard industry telecom speak.

Given the fact that I have no current student loans (nor have I ever had any), I figure it would be relatively easy to obtain financial aid, should I indeed decide to enroll. No clue if I'd be primarily interested in online courses or traditional classroom settings, but it's definitely something I'll be researching over the next few months.

There's also the question of which grad school I'd want to attend. Mainly my background has been in journalism, so I'm not very well-versed in the knowledge of which institutions turn heads with regard to IT/managent positions, so I'd obviously be rolling that into my research as well.

At any rate, hopefully the act of getting these thoughts out of my head & documented will spawn the additional motivation needed to get off my ass & look into my future options. Hell, nobody's gonna do it for me, right?

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