Friday, February 25, 2011

Money Matters...

For more than a year I've been attempting to plant the seeds among a few friends to start an investment group - but no takers so far... It would be kinda cool to find another casual investor who shared my enthusiasm for the ups & downs of Wall Street.

I was thinking maybe a group of 5 or so buddies willing to invest $100 per month. As a team, we could decide which stocks to invest in on a bi-annual basis & watch our money grow.

I've done pretty well in gauging the potential success or failure of common stocks, especially tech related companies like Intel, Sony, Apple & Google. Since my goal is NOT to get rich overnight, so outside of tech related holdings, I pretty much invest in obvious, no-brainer stocks like Nike, McDonalds & Walmart.

Another simple strategy that has worked for me since starting to experiment with online brokerage accounts about 5 years back is to invest in products/companies that I frequently use - stocks like AT&T, Verizon, Netflix & Honda.

When Ford stock hit rock bottom, I took advantage & invested. The stock has has recovered well since that time. At this point, I'm becoming hooked! I now find myself checking to see whether the various stock markets (even markets in other countries) have closed above or below their daily averages.

When the recession took hold, sending the economy into the shitter promptng many to pull their money out of stocks, I bought, bought & bought! After all, that's the name of the game - buy low, sell high!

By no means am I a day trader, but every pay period, I set a little bread aside to invest. Fuck waiting for Uncle Sam to pull the rug from beneath me by announcing the termination of social security benefits - I'm growing my own nest egg!

Between my personal portfolios & 401(a) retirement plan, I hope to be taken care of should the US Government decide to hand me an IOU when social security benefits would normally kick in. Are you planning for your later years? It's never too late to plan for your future - you've just gotta start now...

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