Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ever harbored emotions for someone & wanted to share, but you just weren't sure how? It's still February, so I figured another blog focusing on my social life wouldn't be entirely inappropriate here, lol.

But getting back to my point, it's amazing how difficult it can be to express matters of the heart, even for the most eloquent of speakers. Where would I begin & what could I do to avoid that awkward moment?

To the casual observer, it probably couldn't seem more obvious that speaking my mind would be the best thing to do, but that's always a task easier said than done. Ughhh!!! I need help, lls.

It's times like this I miss my homegirl Vam the most, she'd know what to suggest right about now. Ironically, she's the person who connected me with the very woman I blog of tonight. While the 2 have been absent from my life for very different reasons, a special place for the both of them remains within in my heart.

There's nothing I can do to create new memories with Vam, as a result of her passing last year, yet the possibility does exist that the unnamed young lady & I could someday work things out - but if that door is indeed still open, for how much longer, am I running out of time?

Pride aside, even if there were only a 5% chance that I could again find sanctuary in her arms, wouldn't that alone warrant another attempt? Or would it, on the contrary, be selfish of me to exploit the plutonic friendship in a hapless effort to turn back the clock.

I'd hate for her to not to know the way I feel. Besides, even if she rejects the concept, it won't end up being something I'll always have to wonder about in life. So with that being said, I WILL speak my mind at some point - but that just brings me back to the 1st sentence of this post...

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