Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it Really that Serious?

I've gotta be honest in that, I expected my Twitter timeline to be laced with tons of bitter emotion today, it being Valentines day & all, but not nearly THIS much, lol. If you could see the seething anger dripping from some of these tweets, you'd certainly understand the point of this post.

I get it; people don't like to feel left out, guess I've got far too much pride to use Twitter as a vehicle to vent 'those kind' of issues, lol. Though I too am disappointed to not be spending the evening with that special someone, I take solace in knowing I'm hardly the only person without a valentine on this day & that's more than enough to get me by.

To me, it's not a big deal. Anyone who wanted to be here, would've made their intentions known by now & forcing the issue has never been my thing. But the day is certainly no cause to hate on people either, yet I've noticed quite a bit of that as well in recent days. If someone asked for my opinion of it all, I'd say, "it's down-right pathetic."

Don't get me wrong, I fully subscribe to the misery loves company theory, but damn... to down-play someone else's situation simply because yours is not what you'd prefer - well, that's just selfish & I really do pitty those who find themselves in such a mood on a day that's supposed to be reserved for love.

In an attempt to demonstrate that I practice what I preach, allow me to share how I recently got off the phone with a previous girlfriend (she & I remain good friends) who was looking for gift ideas for her current boy-toy. We enjoyed a pleasant conversation & I gladly assisted her as best as I could - so I ask you, how down to earth & non-hypocritical is that??? Lol.

But seriously - it's only 1 day to get through (even for the loneliest of people), so avoid the Anthony Hamilton music, curl up with a good book, watch a movie or hell, hit the streets anyway - that's what I'll be doing! There's no rule that states single persons shall remain in-residence on February 14th & there's certainly no shame in this kid's game over here :-D

Happy Lover's Day to you & (if your blessed) yours too...

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