Monday, December 20, 2010

Apparently, He's Not Impressed (lol)...

I'm actually not a Redskins hater, so in an attempt to maintain a little journalistic objectivity, I typically don't blog about the Redskins, but after viewing the FOX footage of Donovan McNabb yawning during their 33-30 loss in Dallas yesterday, I thought I'd die from laughter!

Most fans in the region have a pretty decent idea of what McNabb's thoughts must have been after being benched, yet again, by coach Mike Shanahan, still his various expressions as his replacement (Rex Grossman) struggled at times were priceless!

I'm not sure what the hell is going on with this team, but they're certainly 1 of the biggest soap operas in the league, again. It's very strange to see a team go out & trade for a player like McNabb & then bench him, not once, but twice in the very same season they re-signed him to a multi-year/million dollar contract.

I know DO know 1 thing, I would NOT have gone out as a captain for the coin-toss! That was definitely another smack in his face. He's definitely taking all of this bullshit in-stride. As if the season-long nightmare involving (the now suspended) Albert Haynesworth & the Skins' coaching staff weren't enough, now this! Sadly, Skins fans have gotta be used to this by now.

It appears as though the 1 season that Redskins owner Daniel Synder chose to hire a big-time GM & coach (to relinquish personnel management control to) is the very season he needed to step-in & override his coaching staff. It's clear it was Snyder's approach to remain hands-off this season, but damn - the team's 2 biggest investments aren't even starters on the squad anymore, geez...

Losing to Dallas today certainly won't help win Coach Shanahan any new fans in DC. Skins fans can only hope his "my way, or the highway" approach pans out by next season. If not, I highly doubt Mr. Snyder has developed enough patience (nor will he) in such a short span of time to allow Shanahan to get into year #3 of his contract. Be sure to tune-in next season for the league's #1 day-time drama!

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