Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just When You're Least Expecting It...

Earlier in the evening while leaving work, I bumped into an ex-girlfriend, or rather, she nearly ran me off the road as I crossed the street, lol. Upon passing me, she realized it was me & stopped about 50-feet ahead of the direction in which I was walking. After approaching the vehicle, quite an awkward moment ensued as realized just who was in the driver's seat. Neither of us had reached out to communicate with 1 another since the last time we spoke, more than 6 months ago.

The pleasant, albeit, brief encounter was a nice way to close-out 2010. It's never good to start a new year with grudges, so it was nice to at least somewhat discover that there really wasn't much ill-will, if any harbored by either party at this point. We exchanged pleasantries, kept the talk small & that was that. I told her how appropriate the chance meeting seemed to me, gave her some quick directions to her intended destination & we both continued on with our lives.

As I rode the subway home, I thought of her - she wasn't at all the fixed image of a presumptuous, bitter & out of control individual burned into my mind 6 back. I haven't a clue as to what she's been up to since that time, but she appeared to being doing well & I was happy for her. With that being said, there still time left in the year to try & repair any failed friendships that you value, if the spirit moves you, of course. Honestly speaking, I should probably be taking my own advice here, but the truth is that I don't want to risk ruining what could end up being the final lasting images that she & I share of 1 another.

Before this evening, my memories of her were filled with strife, misunderstanding & what must have been a feeling of resentment on my part. While I can't speak for her thoughts at the time, I'd like to think that she too left with, a sense of hope. She definitely wasn't the worst girlfriend I'd ever had (those honors currently belong to another woman whom I no longer speak of, lol). With she & I, guess it was just the all-too-typical story of the unstoppable force meeting an immovable object & for that reason, I no longer stand in front of trains.

Perhaps your situation is a bit less complicated than mine, if so by all means, extend the olive branch 1 last time if you've got that special someone who's been estranged in your life (vice versa) as of late. Who knows? He or she might just feel the exact same way about you...

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