Sunday, December 19, 2010

So I Hear the Champs are In-town...

Today the Ravens square-off with the New Orleans Saints & ever since Hurricane Katrina, I always root for the Saints - but not today. The Ravens are home today, so me & Pops are headin up to B-more in a few hours. I wont be bringing any moral victories back home with me today, lol. Fuck that, I want this win!

It's a crucial game & if they don't wanna end up sweating out the final weeks of the season, they have to win this game. I tell ya, I love the hell out of this game! There are so very few things that both capture & hold my attention like the NFL on a weekly basis.

That gets me to wondering what the hell is going on with this damn collective bargaining agreement. Are they serious? Some are playing-out the end of their contracts with the uncertainty of whether they'll get any checks after the final one rolls in. I hope those rookie workshops & symposiums made more NFL players cognizant of the proper financial planning.

But getting back to today's game, the defending champs don't appear to be in quite the same form as they were when they made their Super Bowl run last year, nonetheless they remain an offensive juggernaut, so the defense will have their hands full for sure.

The Ravens will need the offense to show up today, hopefully the offense can figure out a way to put together 2 complete halves of football for the 1st time this season. Almost every game has gone to the wire this season, so a decisive victory would be well received by all.

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  1. Well they pulled it out, but the game did indeed end up going all the way down to the wire, AGAIN. The defense managed to make just enough plays in the end to secure a huge victory over the Saints. Ray Rice shredded the New Orleans defense for 233 all-purpose yards (153 yards rushing) & he also scored 2 touchdowns (1 rushing & 1 receiving).

    2 games remain in the regular season & the Ravens have all but clinched a playoff birth. Winning either of the 2 final games will get them into the post season - but winning both would do wonders in terms of building forward momentum heading into the playoffs...