Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Devin Album? Oh Shit...

Fellow Devin Aficionados: I know, I know - I'm super-late what can I say, this 1 got by me. But thanx to my boy Boone, I eventually discovered that Devin the Dude had a new album drop in November. I took a good listen to the album over the past 2 weeks & I'm pretty pleased with the product. Scarface & Devin are my 2 favorite rappers, so I always get a lil' amped when I hear that either of the 2 has new shit on the street!

The new album, entitled Got Be Me has the standard weed, fuck you, & sex-laced tracks we've come to expect from him over the years, so it's quite an entertaining album - you won't be able to help crackin a few laughs at the honest, comical 'regular dude' happenings often depicted in each of his previous works.

I went to check him out in a live show months back when he was in DC & he put on great show! It was a mixed crowd of many ethnicities who all quite obviously had 2 things in common - a strong affinity for Devin music & marijuana, lol. Turned out to be a wonderful "session" that went down without incident - mission accomplished.

He & Scarface always made it a point to crank with the go-go bands here, so my next goal is to get to Houston, so I can catch Devin & Face at a show & return the luv. Anyways, if you're somewhat into any of his previous shit, I'll say I ended up with 7 tracks that were divinely chosen to be included in the all-important iTunes library, so it's definitely worth your time in my opinion...

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