Saturday, December 25, 2010

Reindeer Games...

As I sit here at Ma's house watching my beloved New York Knicks battle the Chicago Bulls on this Christmas afternoon, I'm also scrolling through the guide looking at all of the Christmas Day sporting events on the docket.

According to my rough count of the televised games scheduled to be played today, we'll see 5 games in the NBA today & 1 in the NFL. So of the 4 major professional sports in this country 2 are in action, leaving just the NHL with no games scheduled today (MLB is presently in their offseason).

It's not like I'm a super-religious person (more spiritual than anything), so the more games the merrier (pun intended). But seriously, since the majority of the country seems to fall in-line with the Christian faith, you'd think there'd be more reverence shown towards such a holy day.

I guess I'm just wondering, how much is too much as clearly, there's no longer much concern for players & the Christmas traditions they normally share with their families, which could further be evidenced by the fact that even the NCAA has 4 basketball games scheduled to air today.

So much for being student athletes, geez - I don't know any students forced work on Christmas, so it's rather strange that you'd require a young adult, who might only be months removed from his family, to travel cross-country to play a game on Christmas.

A professional adult or athlete having to work on Christmas for my enjoyment as a consumer is 1 thing, but a kid? Perhaps it's time for the NCAA to be real & just drop the word student from the term 'student-athlete.' It's an absolute hypocrisy the way the NCAA profits so much from these kids, but comes down on 'em with the wrath of God when someone gives 'em an extra benefit.

At the end of the day, increased commercialism of the Christmas holiday has shown us that nothing is truly out of bounds anymore when it comes to turning a profit. So, why would a lucrative field like sports & entertainment be any exception Anyways, just an observation - now LET'S GO KNICKS, lol. Merry Christmas all...

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